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How to Modify Whatsapp Wallpaper on iPhone

Is it possible to Change Whatsapp chat Wallpaper on iPhone? If you are searching for an answer for this Whatsapp question then you are at the right place. The old interface may give some dull looks so read this trick to modify wallpaper for Whatsapp chat on the iPhone

How to Change Whatsapp chat Wallpaper on iPhone

Now ever days, people are more interested to do Whatsapp chat in their mobile phone. When the Whatsapp chat Wallpaper have an empty background, it will not be more interesting when you don’t have any background images. Most of the people use to chat with their girlfriends/boyfriends through Whatsapp chat. At the time if you have don’t have a perfect Whatsapp picture as wallpaper then it will be waste. (i.e…) You will not get a perfect feel to chat with your Whatsapp friends. If you have kept good wallpaper/romantic wallpaper, the Whatsapp chat will be more interesting also it will be user friendly to read the Whatsapp messages.


For example see the images below 1. Empty background 2.Other with Customized Whatsapp Chat Wallpaper, you could get a clear idea.

In simple words it can make your Whatsapp chat interesting by changing Wallpaper on iPhone. Want to know how to change Some Whatsapp pictures as Wallpaper chat, then follow the steps given below to do the same.

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As said earlier, are you ready to spice up Whatsapp conversations with your loved ones with colorful Wallpapers. You can use all the beautiful photos saved on the gallery or photo app as wallpapers.

Steps to change the Whatsapp Wallpaper on iPhone:

Step #1: Open Whatsapp chat messanger on iPhone

Step #2: In the Bottom Menu (looks like Navigation bar) tap on settings -> Tap on Chats

Step #3: Now tap on Chat Wallpaper. On the Chat Wallpaper screen two options will be available

  1. Wallpaper Library – To import pictures from Wallpaper library (i.e.) Default Wallpapers provide by Apple
  2. Photos – To import picture from Photo app

Step #4:  After you choose the wallpaper, you can zoom in with the help of Zoom feature available on the Whatsapp. This will give a preview of the new wallpaper with some mock chat Whatsapp messages. When you see this demo you will get an idea of how the new wallpaper looks in the real time for your Whatsapp chat conversation

Step #5: Finally, tap on Set button to change the new background wallpaper in WhatsApp on iPhone.

Hope you have made your Whatsapp chat more colorful with new wallpaper. Happy Chatting 🙂 Comment us your experience of Chatting on whatsapp with new wallpaper.

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