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Enable Video call on whatsapp for iOS & Android

Want to enable Video call feature on whatsapp messenger? Wish to a free video call to your friends who stays away on whatsapp now? Here is ultimate guide for the people who wants activate Whatsapp video call on iOS & Android Mobile Phone. Read the below article to do the same

How to Enable Whatsapp Video Call on iOS & Android Phones

Whatsapp is most popular messaging service around the world. Last year Facebook acquired Whatsapp and added many new features for the Whatsapp Users. Whatsapp New features like

With this new Whatsapp features, “Whatsapp has more than doubled in Size”. Most Whatsapp users are excited to use this because it is user friendly and they can connect with their friends easily. This year whatsapp want to roll out their most expected Free Video call for android, iOS users with Whatsapp Version 21.11.508 (Latest Version). They already started developing this Whatsapp video call feature on Whatsapp messenger.

Enable Whatsapp Video Call on iOS & Android
Enable Whatsapp Video Call on iOS & Android

All the Whatsapp Users (i.e.) Android mobile & iPhone users who download & install the latest version of Whatsapp were able to use the Video call feature on whatsapp. When whatsapp enabling Whatsapp Voice calling feature last year, it was like the Voice calling feature on whatsapp service gets activated after receiving a Whatsapp call from a friend who activated the Whatsapp voice Call. Similarly they can do for this Video call feature on Whatsapp. (i.e.) You need to receive a video call from Whatsapp friend who activated Video call Whatsapp service.

Here is an ultimate guide to enable Whatsapp Video calling Feature to android or iOS devices. Follow the steps carefully and activate Video call on whatsapp immediately.

The latest build (2.11.508) Whatsapp Version has thus feature. You first need to download Whatsapp latest from the official website. As this feature is still in beta mode , not everyone can download & install the latest build. Whatsapp has not officially rolled out on all devices. But l gave a try on my mobile phone. I could do whatsapp video calling and features were awesome. The video quality of whatsapp is good. Do you want to give a try? Want to know to how to enable Whatsapp video call? Follow the steps below to do the same.

Before activating the Video call on whatsapp, make sure you got the minimum requirements to get this Whatsapp video call feature.  The Minimum requirements for the same are given below

  • Android OS 2.1 or above
  • Active Internet connection
  • Internal Memory to update Whatsapp application

Steps to enable Whatsapp Video call for Android Phones:

Step #1: Android users must first update their app to latest version, in order to get this feature activated on the mobile phone

Click here to download latest version of Whatsapp to activate free Whatsapp video calling


Step #2: The file size is 18.52 MB and as said earlier we would require Android 2.1 or higher version running in your android device to receive the video call

Step #3: After download, click on Install button

Step #4: Now Whatsapp video call will be enabled on your mobile phone successfully

Steps to enable Whatsapp Video call for iOS:

As of now we heard like Whatsapp developers are working on this update for iOS devices. Only internal version has been released with this feature, where we could not able to access the Whatsapp version. Keep following us we will give you update on the same.

General Update on Whatsapp Video Call Feature:

As of now, whatsapp is working on the new features and internally they are testing. During testing they have taken a Whatsapp screenshot of this Whatsapp video call and they are taken in iOS devices. So we can expect Whatsapp video call feature may arrive for iOS device first. As per BGR, in this internal version build and it consist of Whatsapp feature. This new feature will be incorporated soon to the final version of Whatsapp in coming weeks.

That’s it hope you have enabled the Whatsapp Video call on the mobile phone. ping us back if you have any issues J Happy video calling 🙂

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