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Steps to Make Whatsapp Video Call Now

Want to Get Whatsapp Video Call immediately on your mobile device? Is it Possible to do whatsapp video call as like whatsapp voice calls? Does new whatsapp video call feature supports all mobile phones & platforms? Are you very curious to do video call to your whatsapp friend immediately and give a surprise to them? Then you are at the right place. We are here to help you. To do that read the ultimate guide & exclusive steps to make Whatsapp video for Whatsapp users.

How to Make Whatsapp Video Call?

Whatsapp is one of famous best messenger used around the world. The whatsapp is mainly used to connect between their families, friends etc…When facebook acquired whatsapp it was very simple, they used only for text messaging. After facebook acquired it has taken to the next level. The product was very simple but they added with many user friendly features. Initially they added with Whatsapp Voice call, privacy settings, made to work for all device and platforms.


Whatsapp said “Today we’re excited to announce the next step in our efforts to connect people – WhatsApp video calling. In the coming days, WhatsApp more than one billion users can make video calls across Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices.” Now WhatsApp has rolled out to Android, iPhone & Windows users.

Download Whatsapp video call to android, iPhone & Windows Platform’s:

Whatsapp Video calling feature will support only if you have latest Whatsapp version on your mobile phone. So you just need to update the Whatsapp to make your first video call. If you have turned off the iOS & Android whatsapp updates then you can simply got to Google play and check for Whatsapp update.

Steps Make Whatsapp Video Call:

You must follow the below steps to make Whatsapp video call.

Step #1: Make sure you have latest whatsapp version 2.16.318 which supports Whatsapp video call.

Step #2: Now go to whatsapp -> Tap on Call button. After that select the whatsapp call that you want to make whether is it voice call or Video call? And tap on the same.

Step #3: Now you can see the face to face of your Whatsapp friend. After finishing Whatsapp video call the app ask to provide the feedback the call.

Step #4:  That’s it you made your first Whatsapp Video call

Important Note: To make face to face Whatsapp video call to your whatsapp friend, both need to have updated version which supports Whatsapp video call.

Bonus Tip: Is your mobile data got drained after whatsapp Video call? Want to save the same then check how to reduce mobile date usage during whatsapp video call

Don’t forget about the experience of first Whatsapp video call and the quality of the same.

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