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Whatsapp for Nokia 206 dual SIM

Nokia 206 dual sim Whatsapp download is easy now. Whatsapp Installation for dual sim mobile phones is an easy job to do. Is the steps to download & Install Whatsapp messenger is same as like single sim smartphones? Similarly to setup Whatsapp for nokia 206 dual sim is same. You just need to follow some steps given below to complete Whatsapp installation on nokia 206

Nokia 206 Dual SIM Whatsapp [Free Download]

Most of the people started to use dual Sim phones around the world. Dual Sim Smartphones are becoming popular because of the dual sim feature available (i.e.) two numbers can be used in the same mobile phone. Most of the people are adopted these type mobile phones due to this feature. They are have double mobile number to contact them. One Sim for their personal use & other for official one. If you want to know the other nokia dual sim mobile phone which supports whatsapp you can check out on Basic Nokia dual sim devices that supports Whatsapp.

Unboxing Nokia 206 Dual SIM Mobile Phone
Unboxing Nokia 206 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Nokia 206 dual Sim mobile is one of the famous phone because it’s is so cheap when compared to other phones & it is developed by Nokia. People still believe nokia mobile phones because they were one of the trend setter for the basic model mobile phones. So when you see nokia 206 dual sim phone is a twin sim feature which allows to use double sim on their mobile phones.

Do you have different nokia mobile phone? Do want to install Whatsapp chat messenger on the nokia phone and chat with your Whatsapp friends, then check out the link given below

Whatsapp installation guide for all Nokia Phones

Did you have the nokia 206 dual sim smartphone on your hands now? Is it possible to download & install whatsapp on nokia 206 dual sim?

Yes it’s possible you just need to follow the below steps to setup Whatsapp on Nokia 206 successfully. Whether the nokia 206 will support in this article you can find in depth about the whatsapp support.

Download Whatsapp for Nokia 206 Dual Sim Mobile Phone:

Before you begin your nokia 206 Whatsapp dual sim download process, we request you to read the article on “Help us getting better”.  Also you want to do some pre-request setup on the nokia dual sim 206. Here is an article which will help you to the basic settings “Whatsapp installation Pre-request setup settings for Nokia”

Hope you have done all the basic setup on the 206 dual sim phone. We need some Whatsapp JAR/JAD file to begin installation process. So we must first download JAR & JAD File for WhatsApp. You can find links to download the same below

  1. Official Whatsapp Blog File
  2. Whatsapp Link 1 JAR File
  3. Whatsapp Link 2 JAD File

Note: we highly recommend to download Whatsapp file from the official Whatsapp file (i.e.) First link. Try to process the installation with the same file. If it doesn’t work then try with other two Whatsapp files.

Steps to Install Whatsapp Nokia 206 dual sim :

Step #1: Hope you have download updated Whatsapp JAR/JAD for nokia 206 file from the above link

Step #2: Copy & Move the file that you have download to your new Nokia 206 dual sim Mobile Phone

Step #3: Tap on the Whatsapp JAR/JAD file using phone browser

Step #4: Setup and do basic Whatsapp settings & complete your WhatsApp Installation

Hope you have done your Whatsapp installation successfully. If not, then as discussed earlier try to install whatsapp with other two links. If you still face problem during setup checkout the alternative ways for installation which is given below.

“Different Ways for installing Whatsapp on Nokia Phone”

It would great if you comment us back whether the above trick is working for nokia 206 dual sim phone. It will help other like you and also we can correct the things if there anything wrong from our end. Thanks in advance for commenting  🙂


  1. Hi,

    I installed WhatsApp on my Nokia 206 Dual Sim. But it keeps telling me that I’m not connected to the internet even though my internet is on and I can access facebook and go online.
    But WhatsApp doesn’t seem to be willing to work. Any ideas on the cause? Or is my phone no longer supported?


    1. Fred Whatsapp has officially declared that “It will end Whatsapp support for Nokia & blackberry by December 2016”. Also i could see many Whatsapp users are impacted with this issue. we are researching on it. As of now we found that , if your nokia 206 got updated then this problem will occur. We will get back to you soon with a proper solution.

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