Will Nokia 206 Support Whatsapp

Does Nokia 206 support Whatsapp? Will Nokia 206 allow installing Whatsapp messengerCan we setup Whatsapp in Nokia 206 Mobile Phone? Whether Whatsapp will support Nokia Asha 206? Is it Possible to download & update the Whatsapp on basic model of Nokia 206? If you these questions on your mind then you are at the right place.

Does Nokia 206 support Whatsapp [Download & Install]

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app which allows user to chat with their friends. It got a classy design and modern features like sharing the photos with friends, sharing location, voice call feature , video call feature etc… Initially Whatsapp was developed for iPhone & Android Phones. Later it has been developed for all other devices like blackberry etc… Except for basic Nokia Models all other smart phones were supporting Whatsapp.


But Last year, Whatsapp have developed for all Nokia phone basic models. So now most of the basic Nokia handset will support Whatsapp. Even some of the basic Nokia Phones have Whatsapp Pre installed on their Mobile Phones. You can check out the List of Nokia Phones that has Whatsapp Pre-installed here.

I want to exclusively write this article, because few of the basic Nokia models are not supporting Whatsapp. So people are more confused Which Nokia device is supporting WhatsApp. You can find the official list of Nokia Phones that support Whatsapp below

Nokia Mobile Phones List supports Whatsapp

Nokia 206 Mobile Phone Which comes under the category of S40 Compatible Devices. Whatsapp has officially said Nokia 206 Single SIM/Dual SIM Support Whatsapp in their blog. We also made a research and confirmed that Whatsapp is working for both Single SIM/Dual SIM Nokia 206 Mobile Phones.

Here is an Ultimate guide on How to download Whatsapp Messenger for Nokia 206 Single SIM/Dual SIM Mobile Phones. The specialty of the guide is they gave step by step procedure to Set up & install the Whatsapp on Nokia 206 Mobile Phones.

Hope we have answered the question! Comment us now whether you have done Whatsapp installation on your Nokia 206 Mobile Phone.

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