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Reduce Whatsapp Mobile Internet data

Want to reduce data consumption on Whatsapp? Can we low the Whatsapp data consumption? Whatsapp Voice Calling, Whatsapp Video Chat, Transferring Whatsapp files like media & messages to others through Whatsapp lets you to consume more internet data usage on your mobile Phone. Check out the ultimate guide for reducing the data consumption on Whatsapp

Reduce Internet Data Consumption on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the most popular apps which let you chat with the friends through mobile phone on Internet. In the recent Whatsapp update has enabled Whatsapp Voice calling feature. But researchers has found the Whatsapp voice calling  & Whatsapp Video Call consume a lot of mobile data (i.e.) It reaching more than 600 Kilobytes per minute. In Future Whatsapp will launch Whatsapp Video calling feature on their app. It would also consume more data.

Whatsapp Voice Calling
Whatsapp Voice Calling

If you are using Wi-Fi, there is nothing to worry because the data usage will be only from the internet modem. But when you are using 3G or 4G connections, it will have a monthly data limit. So the regular usage Whatsapp voice calls will increase your data consumption. Also you data will get drained easily.  To avoid this in the recent Whatsapp update they have introduced new features which let you to use low data usage for the Whatsapp voice calls. Whatsapp has provided a new option as like WhatsApp privacy settings & other basic settings on Whatsapp. To turn on the low data consumption settings you must do the following steps to given below

Steps to do low data consumption on WhatsApp:

Step #1: Go to WhatsApp Setting

Step #2: Tap on Chats & call Options

Step #3: Check the box under the low data usage. To turn off just un check the box

That’s it 🙂 From Now on wards your Internet data Consumption will be reduced than before on Whatsapp appWe also highly recommend doing the same even if you use Wi-Fi because in feature Whatsapp may introduce Whatsapp Video calling feature which might consume more data. At the time you will be forced to do the same.  so they have developed this feature. Also we personally thank for the Whatsapp developers to understand the pain of Whatsapp users

please comment us whether data has been consumed low after enabling the Check box of low data usage Whatsapp settings. Thanks in advance for sharing the data with us.

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