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Restore Whatsapp Chats from Google Drive backup

Want to restore the Whatsapp Messages & Media contents safer to your mobile phone from Google drive backup? Is it Possible to have all the updated whatsapp data including all the WhatsApp images, Photos, Messages & chats, important conversations, contacts etc…? Bought a new android Phone want to transfer all the Whatsapp content to the New Mobile Phone. Then you are at the right place here is an Ultimate step guide to restore Whatsapp files from Google drive backup.

Restore Whatsapp Messages & Media Files from Google Drive – How To

Now ever days people are frequently changing or upgrading their smartphones to new android or iPhone. Last week, Whatsapp has officially released a new update to take backup of Whatsapp files on the android Mobile Phones. This will really helpful when you are transferring all the whatsapp contents from one Phone to new upgraded android Phone. Let’s quickly check out the step guide on “How to restore Whatsapp from Google drive Backup”

Whatsapp Restore
Whatsapp Restore

Before moving forward, we hope you had already took the backup Whatsapp files in Google drive. If not taken that, then we recommend to take latest Whatsapp backup to Google drive. If you are not sure how to do whatsapp backup, then checkout the article on taking latest whatsapp backup on Google drive.

Bonus Tip : Do you want to have additional backup of whatsapp photos , messages etc.. to be in Safer Zone, Is it possible to backup the whatsapp other than google drive? Yes ! It’s possible you can take backup via Dropbox. If you wish you can checkout how to take WhatsApp backup on drop-box

Steps to Restore Whatsapp Messages & Media Files from Google Drive:

In order to do restoring whatsapp Process, you need to use the same mobile number and the Google account used to create the backup. Follow the below steps to restore the backup of whatsapp files from Google drive.

Step #1: Before Proceeding, Once again make sure you are using the same Google account that you used to perform backup on the old android smartphones.

Step #2: Now uninstall & reinstall the Whatsapp app

Step #3: Now type the number for verification.

Step #4: After verifying you will be prompted to restore the messages & media from Google Drive.

Step #5: Now the restoration process begins, tap next and your Whatsapp chats & messages will be displayed automatically once it get completed

Step #6:  After restoring the chats, Whatsapp will also restore your Media files from Google drive

Note: If you are installing Whatsapp without any prior backups from Google Drive, it will automatically restore from the locally stored backup files

That’s it 🙂 you have restored all the Whatsapp files from Google Drive backup. Yippee 🙂 got all the Whatsapp content in my new Phone. Comment us whether you got all the Whatsapp data after restoring from Google Drive.

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