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Stop Whatsapp Saving Photos to iPhone Camera Roll

Whether Whatsapp Photos & videos by default get saved to iPhone camera roll? Want to change the behavior of Whatsapp Saving Photos to iPhone camera roll. Here is an ultimate guide for the people who want the overwrite the same behavior. Check out on the same in detail below

How to Stop Whatsapp Saving Photos to iPhone Camera Roll

Got new Apple iPhone? Installed Whatsapp on your iPhone? Did you find that your Whatsapp images & videos get saved automatically to iPhone camera roll? Most of the new iPhone users are worried about this because it gets auto-saved when you receive Whatsapp photos from your Whatsapp friends.


There is a big story for writing this article. (i.e.)One of My friends used to have a Whatsapp group where their friends will share some nasty photos on Whatsapp for fun. One day his dad took his iPhone and was looking iPhone camera roll gallery. At that he was shocked to see these Whatsapp Photos. And he gave nice scolding’s to my friend. He was worried about this. Then we googled it and changed the Whatsapp Settings on iPhone

That’s were “Stopping Whatsapp photos to get saved on Camera roll” emerged. Since I am running a blog he wants me to write this article.

It’s very simple. You got a Whatsapp option to disable Whatsapp to auto-download photos & videos to iPhone camera roll.  Basically Whatsapp download images automatically and they reside inside WhatsApp. If the app has permission to access Photos app then it saves them to the camera roll too. You need to turn that permission down to avoid saving on iPhone camera roll.

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Steps to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos/videos to iPhone camera roll:

Follow the steps given below to do the same.

There are two ways to disable Whatsapp from saving media to camera roll. They are given below

  1. Through iPhone Settings
  2. Through Whatsapp Settings

iPhone Whatsapp Settings:

During Whatsapp Installation  it will ask for the permission to access the Photo app. If you have turned it ON, you can see the Whatsapp images & videos getting copied to your camera roll. If you turned it OFF, it will allow Whatsapp to save photos on iPhone camera roll.

Here are the manual steps given below to turn it ON/OFF the Whatsapp settings in iPhone.

Step #1: Go to Settings & Tap on Privacy Option on Whatsapp

Step #2: Now Tap on Photos Option

Step #3: And then turn off the switch for Whatsapp

Shortcut: iPhone setting -> Privacy -> Photos -> turn off the Switch for Whatsapp

Important Note: Whenever someone sends image or videos on WhatsApp, this option makes to stay within WhatsApp. (i.e.) You can still the received Whatsapp picture & videos but it won’t show in iPhone camera roll album

Whatsapp Settings:

Step #1: Open Whatsapp application on iPhone

Step #2: Tap on Whatsapp setting option (Which will at the bottom menu)

Step #3: Turn on Chats

Step #4: Disable /turn off the switch for Save Incoming Media

Shortcut: Whatsapp setting -> Chats -> Disable the Switch for Save Incoming Media

Here is a quick video from iGeeksblog on how to stop Whatsapp from saving Images/videos to camera roll.

Method 1:

Method 2:

We highly recommend turning off the Privacy for Whatsapp Photos because it helps in reducing the size of the Camera roll.

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