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Upload & Save Whatsapp Photos Directly to Dropbox –Auto sync

Often using Whatsapp for transferring images & Photos of families & Friends. Then this article will be really helpful for you. It allows you to back up the Whatsapp Photos. Also you can access these Whatsapp Photos directly on your Personal Computer. So you can view the Whatsapp photos & images anywhere at any time without your mobile Phone on the Internet. Are you very curious to sync Whatsapp Photos ?


How to Upload Whatsapp Photos Automatically to Dropbox

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app used by all the people around the world. If you are transferring & receiving lot of the Photos with whatsapp then you might really want to have backup of those whatsapp pictures & the images. If you are one among them then we are here to help you. Let’s get started

In order to take backup of the pictures, you need to upload the whatsapp photos from phone to an cloud storage like Dropbox etc... Dropbox is an app which allows the user to store all the files like images, Photos & videos etc… on a cloud. So the user can access the files anywhere at any time from the internet from their respective devices.

For Privacy, if you don’t want to keep all the photos received on Whatsapp on the Android Mobile Phone then you can directly upload them to your Dropbox account and download them whenever needed.

So when the user upload whatsapp photos to drop-box then it will also be helpful to take a backup easily.

Two weeks before I bought a MOTO E for my dad. He was very curious since he is using for the first time. He used to message to all people especially to his friends and families through whatsapp. When I went home this week he told that “Whatsapp is not getting updated and it shows insufficient space in the Phone memory”. Then I found that he used to share more photos and videos on whatsapp which cause this problem. So I decided to install drop box app which will automatically save the all the Whatsapp photos of the device to an cloud. At the same time your photos will always be backed up. It also reduces my manual work to sit infront of computer and to transfer all my whatsapp pics to my personal computer or laptop . As all the WhatsApp media is automatically saved to the phone’s physical memory, all that one needs to automate the transfer is get the Dropbox app

Check out the steps below to upload whatsapp Photos from Android Phone to Dropbox automatically.

Steps to Upload & Save Whatsapp Photos Directly to Drop Box:

WhatsApp usually doesn’t support synchronization with cloud service like Dropbox/Google drive. In the recent update whatsapp is allowing to sync with google drive. so if you want to take backup of whatsapp on Google drive. Then check out “Backup &  Restore WhatsApp Chat & Images on Google Drive

But if you really want to save whatsapp photos on Dropbox then you need to use third party app called Dropsync. DropSync will work as a mediator between whatsapp & Dropbox. Before Proceeding we recommend you to download & install drop box & drop sync on the device.

Step #1: Open the Dropbox and create a folder named “WhatsApp”

Step #2: Now launch the Dropsync app and authorize it to access the drop box account

Step #3: Set the Local (watch) folder as /storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images and set the Dropbox folder as the one that you created in Step #1.

Step #4: Set the sync method as “Upload only” because it won’t allow the users to do a 2-way sync and only whatsapp images are sent to Dropbox

Step #5: Go to the app settings and change the Auto sync Interval to 5 Minutes if needed (the default is an hour)

That’s it. Now whenever you receive a new photo on your WhatsApp media directly uploads to Dropbox account and you can easily download & access it from anywhere. If you find the Whatsapp tricks then share it with your friends.

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