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WhatsApp DP Size – Display Picture Size

Want to know the WhatsApp profile Picture Size? Want to check the dimensions of the display picture? Is the WhatsApp Profile Photo is not perfectly fitting on WhatsApp Profile frame? Then here is a ultimate guide for whatsapp users to know about the exact display pic size of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Profile Picture/Display Picture Size in Pixel:

Want to know the profile picture size of WhatsApp because the image gets atomically cropped when you are uploading the WhatsApp Profile Photo. (i.e.) The whole WhatsApp Profile image is not seen. So It necessary to know the dimension before selecting the picture for your WhatsApp. Normally we highly recommend you to take square image for the WhatsApp. Because most of the social networking & messenger DP size will be always square Shape. Square size image will be always better compared to rectangular sized images.

Are you going to change Whatsapp DP image ?  We have fabulous collection of whatsapp profile pictures. If you are interested  you can take look out the freebie collection of best DP Pics for WhatsApp. These Collection of Whatsapp DP’s are tested in my Whatsapp profile which will perfectly fit in the Whatsapp profile frame.

Cropping An Image in Photoshop
Cropping An Image in Photoshop

To be specific in WhatsApp, the Size of the profile photo will be depends on the  Mobile Phone. If you have 4 – 5 inches or larger smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 S5 or other high-end smartphones like iPhone 5S, HTC then WhatsApp profile picture size would be at least 192 X 192 pixels. If you have smaller phones like Nokia S40 , Nokia S60 , Other samsungwith smaller screen sizes less than 4 inches then the minimum supported size of WhatsApp profile picture would be 140 X 140 Pixels.

Do you like a rectangle sized image? Want to set that WhatsApp DP Pic? Is it possible to setup the rectangle sized photo as Profile photo? Want to have an uneven image as your WhatsApp Profile photo. Then Check out the Bonus tip for setting up the uneven image as WhatsApp display picture without cropping

Comment us if you know the WhatsApp profile pic sizes for your mobile phones. That would be really helpful for the people to set their Whatsapp display pic with perfect size on the Whatsapp Profile frame.

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