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Whatsapp For PC Free Download

Whatsapp for PC, is it possible to setup & access whatsapp on PC? Does the process for Whatsapp installation is a big one? Will it take more time to setup Whatsapp for PC? Want to know the steps to do Whatsapp download for PC?  In order to use Whatsapp on PC, does whatsapp have any official setup file? Here is an ultimate guide exclusively for Whatsapp users  to do whatsapp download for PC.

Download Whatsapp for PC – How to

Whatsapp PC download got confused how & where to download Whatsapp pc app? As said earlier Whatsapp app is one of the world famous messaging app used by most of the mobile phone users. However even we use whatsapp messenger app in mobile, few people like me are not happy with it, they don’t like to use Whatsapp in mobile alone. They want to download whatsapp for computer and use whatsapp on PC. In simple, they just need the whatsapp developers to develop whatsapp pc Version. They want that the Whatsapp PC version be installed on their respective Personal computers and they want to send & receive whatsapp messages on both devices.

Whatsapp for Personal Computer
Whatsapp for Personal Computer

You might have a question first is it possible to setup whatsapp on PC ? Yes! After facebook acquired whatsapp, the facebook & whatsapp developers has combined developed Whatsapp PC app in order to access whatsapp from their PC. Check out the below steps to setup & access whatsapp from PC and this is officially way of configuring whatsapp for PC

Steps to Setup & access Whatsapp on PC:

In order to setup Whatsapp for PC, first you should download whatsapp latest version on your mobile phone. Make sure you got the mobile phones like Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iOS & including nokia S40 series phones, because Whatsapp supports only those mobile platforms. Whatsapp says that you no need to do anything specific like download whatsapp for pc.  Instead of that you need to have a stable internet connection on both your phone and your computer and also the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge as your web browser on your computer. With the help of above this new feature developed by whatsapp namely whatsapp web will be used to communicate to your whatsapp friends on your PC browsers. In order to Setup Whatsapp on PC ¸ you just follow the steps given below

Step #1: Go to on your Personal computer

Step #2: Now open Whatsapp messenger application on your Mobile Phone

Step #3: Go to Whatsapp Web which is default located in the setting tab. If you couldn’t find Whatsapp web option on your mobile then Check out How to get Whatsapp web option on your mobile phone.

Step #4: From your Mobile Phone, Scan the QR code of the Computer screen which is seen on the browser.

It will get automatically logged in on the Personal Computer browser, when QR code is scanned completely on whatsapp.

Do you still can’t connect Whatsapp on PC through Whatsapp Web? Want to know the reason Why Can’t I Connect to Whatsapp Web?

You can also go to Whatsapp Web option on Mobile Phone again to view your logged in computers. And you can directly logout from an active Whatsapp Web session

Important Note: While using Whatsapp Web, Whatsapp is highly recommending you to use Wi-Fi connections to avoid the data usage charges on the Mobile Phone.

Bonus Whatsapp Trick: Also do you think that your whatsapp is consuming more Internet data usage? Do you want to reduce the Data usage consumed by whatsapp? Then check out the Whatsapp trick to reduce data usage of Whatsapp

Feel free to comment/contact us if you face any difficulties during the process of download & install Whatsapp for PC.

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