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Download Whatsapp for Nokia Asha 206

Nokia Asha 206 Whatsapp download process is very easy now. Here is an ultimate guide for Nokia Asha 206 users where we will give you step by step instruction to download & install whatsapp for Nokia Asha 206 Mobile Phone. We know there were lot questions running your mind and you were so confused because you might have visited other Whatsapp websites where there might not be any proper solution for setting up of Whatsapp Messenger on Asha 206. Don’t worry you are at the right place now.

Download & Install Whatsapp for Nokia Asha 206 Phone

Nokia Asha mobile phones are in different models. There are different nokia devices like 200,206,201,205 etc…Each Nokia Asha devices have different procedure for WhatsApp installation. And few of the Asha phones are not officially supported by Whatsapp. Since you were searching for the Nokia Asha 206 Mobile, Check out Whether Asha 206 supports WhatsApp?


Whatsapp has also officially announced that Nokia 206 Asha Mobile will support Whatsapp. You can find that on the List of Nokia devices that supports Whatsapp from the official whatsapp blog. Asha 206 is basically divided into two types (i.e.) It comes with both Single SIM/Dual SIM. Both the Asha 206 Phones supports Whatsapp chat Messenger.

Before you start doing the Nokia Asha 206 whatsapp download procedure, we highly recommend you read the article on “Whatsapp installation pre-request setup settings for Asha 206” which would ideally describe about the pre-request basic setup for Asha 206 Phone. If you fail to do this, the Whatsapp download & Installation will result in error

Nokia Asha 206 Whatsapp download:

Hope you have done the pre-request setup settings on Asha 206 to avoid the Whatsapp installation error. We also need Whatsapp JAD/JAR file for setting up of Whatsapp messenger on the mobile phone as like computer needs .exe files in order to setup any software. So before proceeding for installation we request you to download the file from the links given below.

  1. Official Whatsapp file
  2. Whatsapp Link 1 JAR File
  3. Whatsapp Link 2 JAD File

Important Note: Also we recommend download Whatsapp file which is officially released from the Whatsapp. You can download Whatsapp JAR/JAD file from the first link. Now with the installation steps given below.

Nokia Asha 206 Whatsapp Installation Guide:

Follow the below steps carefully to setup Whatsapp on 206 Phone.

Step #1: As said earlier, first download Whatsapp JAR/JAD file from the above link.

Step #2: After downloading the file, you can move the corresponding file to Asha 206 phone.

Step #3: Tap on Whatsapp file using browser.

Step #4: That’s it! Follow the Whatsapp setup process and do basic Whatsapp settings

Step #5: Hope Whatsapp installed in the Nokia Asha 206 smartphone.

If throws any error during installation we recommend to download the other files and try with those whatsapp files. Still if the Asha 206 whatsapp installation is not success, then you must go for some alternative technique for setting up Whatsapp. Click on the below link to do the same

“Different Ways for installing Whatsapp on Nokia Phone”

We highly recommend you to comment us back whether the trick is working for Nokia Asha 206. Because we are just collecting information from other website and writing for you. Since we don’t have a real time Asha 206 device to install Whatsapp and validate on Asha 206 it. It would be helpful for us to validate the content from our end. Also it will helpful for other who is searching like you. Thanks in advance for commenting 🙂

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