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Nokia C3 WhatsApp – Download & Install

Nokia C3 Whatsapp download and Whatsapp Installation procedures are very simple. Now you can setup Whatsapp for Nokia C3 mobile phone such as Nokia C3-00, Nokia C3-01 etc… This official announcement was made by Whatsapp so now people who got Nokia C3 phone can enjoy using Whatsapp on their nokia mobile. Here is an ultimate guide to download latest version of Whatsapp for Nokia C3 & do Whatsapp installation on c3 phone.

Download & Install Whatsapp on Nokia C3 Phone [c3-00/C3-01]

Download Whatsapp on Nokia C3 phone is not like as you download for android mobile phones. Don’t get worry!  It’s simple  , we will guide you to do Whatsapp Setup. Nokia C3 mobile is common basic nokia model used by people around the world. Nokia C3 got two models in their list 1. Nokia C3-00 2. Nokia C3-01. If you know the nokia c3 model that you are using now then you can download & install whatsapp by selecting corresponding Model Steps given below

Whatsapp Installation for Nokia C3-00

Whatsapp Installation for Nokia C3-01

Suppose if you are not sure whether you are using C3-00 or C3-01 phone then just follow this article which would be really helpful for setting up whatsapp on Nokia C3 Phone. If you want to have double check whether the WhatsApp installation is possible on Nokia C3, then you can check out the article on List of Nokia devices that supports Whatsapp. The Nokia devices list is taken from the official whatsapp blog.

Nokia C3 Mobile Phone on Hands
Nokia C3 Mobile Phone on Hands

If you or your friends are using other Nokia devices and you guys don’t how to install whatsapp on Nokia phone, then check out the general guide below

Whatsapp installation guide for all Nokia Phones

            Now follow our instruction steps to complete the whatsapp installation on c3 device. These procedures will give you a better idea to do complete whatsapp download and setting it up & running on Nokia C3 device.

We extremely recommend to read the article on “Help us getting better” before you start the installation process. Make sure you have done the pre-request setup on Nokia C3 mobile phone. If you didn’t know how to do it or if you stuck up in the middle of the pre-request setup then you can check out guide on “Pre-request whatsapp Installation setup settings for Nokia”.

Whatsapp Nokia C3 – Updated Version Download:

You can also ask me whether is it possible to download & install whatsapp setup file without doing pre-request setting on the Nokia C3 device. We would say, it will start throwing some unexpected error as given in the Whatsapp error. So doing pre-request is a very important one. It will not take much time to do.

After doing, start downloading latest Whatsapp version with the help of below links.

There are two different ways to download the Whatsapp JAR/JAD file which we need for Nokia C3 Whatsapp installation.  First one is to download that from official Whatsapp blog. Click on the below link to start download

Whatsapp Official

Second one, you can do from the nokia store. You need to navigate to Nokia Store on c3 Mobile Phone. And now click on the search icon and search for the term S40 whatsapp Messenger. Tap on the Whatsapp S40 Messenger application. When you click on it, it will get auto-download and installed on c3 phone.

Note: First try downloading with the Whatsapp official link. If it is not working then go for direct installation from the Nokia store. Here is an exclusive article for How to download whatsapp from Nokia Ovi Store which can guide you better.

Whatsapp for Nokia C3 Installation Steps:

Follow the below steps carefully for installing Nokia Whatsapp C3.

Step#1: After, Whatsapp JAR/JAD file download.

Step #2: Tap on the download latest Whatsapp file

Step #3: Now install it & do basic whatsapp settings

That’s it whatsapp has been installed on the c3 phone. Now you can chat with the Whatsapp friends with the chat messenger. If there is any problem during this process then as said earlier install directly from the nokia Ovi store. Again if you can’t do over there you can check out the below link which were you can numerous numbers ways for installation

“Different Ways for installing Whatsapp on Nokia Phone”.

Comment us whether this article was helpful during Whatsapp installation process. Thanks in advance for commenting 🙂 . Share it with your whatsapp friends so that they can also install and chat with you 🙂


  1. Want to download whatsapp in for my Nokia C3 Mobile Phone. Deleted by mistake ? Could you please tell me how to reinstall it again ? Please reply

    1. Follow the above steps given in the article. If you find any difficulties to download & install Whatsapp on Nokia C3, Please let us know we are here to help you 🙂

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