Nokia Mobile Phones Support Whatsapp – Update List

Want to know the list of Nokia Mobile Phones that Supports Whatsapp. Since whatsapp Messenger is available for Nokia devices now. People want to download & install the whatsapp messenger on their Nokia Phones. Even though whatsapp has officially announced that Nokia Mobile supports Whatsapp but still there are some of the old Nokia Mobile Phones which doesn’t support Whatsapp chat Messenger. So if you planning to run the whatsapp on the Nokia Mobile Phone, you can check out the list of Nokia devices supports Whatsapp.

List of Nokia Phones support Whatsapp – Updated

Are going to buy a new Nokia Mobile Phone ? Do you think it would that it would be really good if your Nokia supports whatsapp. You must use the supported Nokia Mobile Phone in order to download & run the whatsapp Messenger. Find the Whatsapp Supported list of Nokia Mobile Phones. With the below Nokia Phones you can download &  install Whatsapp on Nokia and chat with your Whatsapp friends


Basically all the Nokia Mobiles are divided into two Categories. They are given below

  1. Nokia S40 
  2. Nokia S60

All Nokia S40 Compatible devices supports Whatsapp. Few Nokia S40 Mobile Phones are not compatible in certain countries. If you want to know more information on download & setting up of whatsapp on Nokia S40 Phones then check out how to download & install Whatsapp on Nokia S40

All the Nokia S60 Phones Supports Whatsapp. If you have not downloaded whatsapp for Nokia S60 then check out how to download & install Whatsapp messengers on  Nokia S60 Mobile Phones to chat with friends

The below Nokia Devices will fall under category of both S40 & S60. If you don’t how to find your category (i.e) Your Nokia Phone is S40 or S60. Then you can check out List of Nokia Mobile Phone under S40 & S60. Else you can comment us if you know such details , we will revert as soon as possible.

Nokia Mobile Phone list supports whatsapp:

200 / 300 / 500 Series:

Nokia 206 Single SIM & Dual SIM Nokia 301 Single SIM & Dual SIM
Nokia 208 [Whatsapp Preinstalled] Nokia 501 [Whatsapp Preinstalled]

X2/ X3 Mobile list:

Nokia X2-00 Nokia X3-02
Nokia X2- 01 Nokia X3-02.5 (Refresh)

Asha Mobile Phone list:

Nokia Asha 201 Nokia Asha 300
Nokia Asha 205 Chat Edition Nokia Asha 302
Nokia Asha 210 Nokia Asha 303
Nokia Asha 230 Single SIM & Dual SIM Nokia Asha 305
Nokia Asha 500 Nokia Asha 306
Nokia Asha 501 Nokia Asha 308
Nokia Asha 502 Nokia Asha 309
Nokia Asha 503 Nokia Asha 310
Nokia Asha 311

For Nokia S60 Phone You can check out directly on the Whatsapp Website. Checkout the link below


Type your Mobile Phone Model on the Supported Phones text box. It will show whether your device is supported for installing Whatsapp Messenger or not.

Comment us if you have any queries on how to do Whatsapp installation on Nokia devices

One Comment

  1. My phone is Nokia E63 Mobile Phone and I receive message said that my phone will no longer support whatsapp from 31 December 2016. So what I can say is that my E63 works great since I have bought it, also whatsapp works great as well. I have disappointed with the issue of not using whatsapp.

    1. Yes Enock you are tight! All Nokia & blackberry whatsapp users got disappointed, since from Jan 2017 Whatsapp will support only iPhone & android Mobile Phone. So I would recommend people to change to Android or iPhones.

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