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How to set password on WhatsApp

Want to know how to set password for WhatsApp? WhatsApp is one of the most popular application among smartphone users because of its best features. But WhatsApp also has a privacy & security flaw (i.e.) anyone with access to your android phone can open WhatsApp and read all the WhatsApp conversation that you made with WhatsApp friends & groups.

Are you worried of your boyfriend or a girl friend who often try to read your WhatsApp conversation without your knowledge? Are you worried of someone like friends, family members who read your WhatsApp text messages? Is it possible to set whatsapp password to protect from them. Yes 🙂 It’s possible to put password for the whatsapp messages & conversation

Here is a ultimate step guide for Creating & Setting up Password for WhatsApp application? Now Protect WhatsApp account by putting WhatsApp password.

Whatsapp Password – How to Set/Put PASSWORD for Whatsapp Message & Conversation

Since WhatsApp doesn’t have any inbuilt feature for setting up the Whatsapp Password (i.e.) it doesn’t have any password system built into the app. So we will use the android apps that is available on Google Play store to put password lock on mobile Phone for locking your whatsapp text messages & conversations. There are many Google Play store apps to protect WhatsApp application.  All the Apps are free & you can install them on your mobile phone

Whatsapp Pattern lock
Whatsapp Pattern lock

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Most of the apps are free to download and you can install them on your mobile phone to protect WhatsApp Account. There are few disadvantage in the external apps. Since the password protect apps comes for free they come with ads. And also it can be easily hacked because there will many Security loop holes. If you more curious to know about then checkout the article on the bonus tip section.

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Now we will explain you about Setting up WhatsApp Password & know how to lock the WhatsApp application with the below apps.

Messenger & Chat Lock [Number Lock]:

This Messenger & Chat lock is a free an app to protect your most popular messenger & chat applications. You can lock the apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc… By using a PIN. You can also configure to hide the images & videos on the device gallery. It’s a very happy news that this app which helps in protecting WhatsApp message with a password lock.  (i.e) Before proceeding we highly recommend you to read the article on “How to create a secured password for WhatsApp”

Best feature of this app:

  1. It allows to customize the auto lock time.
  2. It catches the picture of the intruder and save it on the application. But to do this you need to have front camera mobile phone.
  3. Prevent un-installation

How to use the WhatsApp:

Here are the Steps to install the password protect application on your mobile phone. Are you ready to download & install the app. Checkout below for setting up the WhatsApp Password?

Step #1:First Switch on the Mobile Phone & Connect to internet.

Step #2:Now download & install the Messenger & Chat Lock App

Step #3:After installation, it will ask you enter the 4 digits PIN.

Step #4:Now navigate to the next screen & confirm the same.

Step #5:Move to the next screen and now you will have a list of options to protect like WhatsApp, Gmail and Facebook etc…

Step #4:Turn on the password lock for WhatsApp

Note: if you don’t require then turn it off on the options

Lock For WhatsApp with Pattern:

This Lock for WhatsApp is a WhatsApp lock which also lets you to protect your WhatsApp account. This app keeps you away from entering PIN. Instead of that, it will ask to set  whatsapp pattern password. (i.e.) It’s a pattern based lock.  If you are not comfortable with pattern lock then it has option to turn off the pattern lock & activate the number lock

Step #1:First Switch on the Mobile Phone & Connect to internet.

Step #2:Now download & install the app

Step #3:Open the app, enter the pattern lock or number lock password & confirm the same

Step #4:Now enable WhatsApp Lock. That’s it

That’s it you had setup WhatsApp Password and now you need to put WhatsApp password for your WhatsApp application on the mobile phone. Your WhatsApp account is secured now. (i.e.) Now your whatsapp conversation & text messages are locked with Whatsapp password .

Comment us if you have any doubts in setting up Whatsapp Password.

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