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Latest Whatsapp Update features

Whatsapp latest update Version 2.12.194 has been released recently. There was lot of Whatsapp update done in this version. Since there were many latest, we highly recommend download & update to the latest version of Whatsapp. Also the Whatsapp users are very excited to see the interesting features which add extra functionality to their app. Check out the new  modern features of WhatsApp.

Latest WhatsApp Update Features

As we said earlier Whatsapp is the most popular app in the world, which is generally used for messaging system through Internet. After Facebook bought Whatsapp there were more updates on the app. Users were love to see the latest updates. The latest Whatsapp updates are explained below

Whatsapp Update
Whatsapp Update

Mark as Unread:

Messages can be marked as ‘unread’ by just tapping & holding the Whatsapp conversations.  Marking the message unread will not change the Whatsapp conversation order. It just like an visual remainder, that you will get back someone later by just tapping to unread on app. This latest Mark as unread update is necessary to everyone because the opposite Person on WhatsApp chat will get irritated if you are not replying back to him/her. So if you want to avoid the unnecessary fight, then you might tap on ‘Unread’ on the Whatsapp conversations. You can also turn off or disable the “Last Seen” on Whatsapp. If you want to know how to do it then checkout the step guide to  Turn Off/Disable “Last seen” on Whatsapp

Custom Notifications:

Custom Notification is another latest update on Whatsapp. I personally love this more because I usually like to revert to the Whatsapp messages that are sent from my closed ones. This feature lets me to do that. (i.e.) You can set a selected ringtone for your Whatsapp friends from your track playlist which lets you to identify the messages and Whatsapp calls from that individual without even looking at the smartphone. It just likes customizing the Notifications on your Whatsapp. Also you can set the notification light colors, separate call & message ringtones, allow or disable vibrations & Pop-up notification for each contact. My girlfriends are very happy because of this custom notifications, I am sending messages to them without any delay which lets them to avoid fight in fact 😛 Do you want to the same then check out how to set Custom notification (i.e)  whatsapp notification tone exclusively for your girlfriends

Google Drive Integration Backup:

I personally found lot of people is trying to recover & restore their messages & Whatsapp Photos. Because they might accidentally deleted it from their mobile phone or they may need it urgently. To keep a dot for this Whatsapp has introduced a new feature (i.e.) Google drive integration. You can integrate the Whatsapp messages with Google Drive which in turn lets to back up your chats, images, videos & all other forms. From the google drive you can sync on your local computer which lets you to minimize the effort for transferring the Whatsapp files to the computer or the laptop. It will update automatically and there is no way to trigger the google drive backup manually. If you already have taken Whatsapp backup then check out to restore whatsapp from google drive.

Mute Individual contacts:

This is another interesting update from Whatsapp on the latest app. Many Whatsapp users hate to reply back to some individual Whatsapp contacts. But they don’t want to block them. So it would be good to mute the conversation. Now the recent update which lets to the same. As of now they have introduced for muting whatsapp groups, we hope in the next update will allow users to mute the individual. To Mute Go to About Menu -> Mute bar, slide it to the right and tap on receive no notifications for 8 hours, a week or a year. Do you really want to mute the individual contacts then checkout  steps to mute individual contacts on whatsapp

Lower data Consumption:

Are you making Whatsapp calls quite often? Do you think the Whatsapp voice calls are consuming more data? Is there is any solution for it. The recent will allow doing the same (i.e.) Lower data Consumption on Whatsapp voice calls. How to do that? Just Navigate to settings > Chats & calls > Click the box (or) Check out on the Low Data usage box. If you really want step guide with pictures then you can have look at this article to reduce whatsapp mobile Internet usage

You can download the Latest Version of the Whatsapp below which will lets you to have all the above discussed new Whatsapp features

Download Latest Whatsapp Version V2.12.194

Do let me know if you have seen any other updates on the recent Whatsapp version  through comments.

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