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Download Whatsapp Video Call APK

Whatsapp Video apk has been released yesterday. The New Whatsapp update have the option to do whatsapp voice & Video call. Also this new update have the Call back option. Before a month Whatsapp surprised us by enabling voice calls for their users on their mobile phone. Now they surprised users by enabling video call update on Whatsapp. Here is an ultimate guide to “download & setup whatsapp video call” on mobile phone with the latest whatsapp video call apk

Whatsapp Video Call apk – Free Download [How To]

Whatsapp messenger app is always the best user friendly messenger for the people around the world. After Facebook bought whatsapp it has went to the next level. Facebook developers introduces more new features like voice calls, privacy settings, muting conversation, sharing documents etc… on whatsapp.


Now Whatsapp video call has been introduced along with the existing whatsapp voice calls. Want to know how to activate Video call on Whatsapp mobile. Then you are at the right place. Just follow the instruction given below to enable whatsapp video call on your mobile device.

Most of the android, iOS, Windows, Nokia Whatsapp users has already started installing whatsapp Video call feature on their mobile phone. Do you want to enable it immediately on your Whatsapp then follow the steps given below to activate the same?

To activate Whatsapp video call you first need to download the latest version of Whatsapp to your mobile. You can download whatsapp latest version in three ways

  1. Official Whatsapp Website
  2. From Google Play Store
  3. Manually downloading Whatsapp video call apk from our website.

Download Whatsapp Video call

Important Note: We highly recommend you to download Whatsapp video call version from the official website or update from the google store.

After download Whatsapp Video call or the latest version of whatsapp follow the steps give below to make video call on whatsapp. If you want to know brief information about the whatsapp video call then check Out whatsapp Video call Feature.

How to Make Whatsapp Video Call after installing Whatsapp video call apk:

Follow the steps given below and enjoy video calling feature.

  • Step #1: Make sure you have latest whatsapp version 2.16.318 which supports video call
  • Step #2: After that, Go to Whatsapp -> Tap on Call button
  • Step #3: You can find two options “Voice Call” & “Video Call”
  • Step #4: Select Video call option and make Whatsapp video calls with your friends
  • Step #5: After finishing whatsapp video call, whatsapp is requesting to update the quality of whatsapp video call. Your feedback might help them to improve better.

Don’t forget to comment us your experience & feedback on new Whatsapp video call feature

Happy Video Chatting 🙂


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