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WhatsApp Video Chat Feature

Whatsapp Video Call feature screenshots leaked. Recently Whatsapp was working its video calling feature for all devices such as android, iOS & other smartphones. People are expecting the Whatsapp video chat feature to be launched soon as Voice call feature.

WhatsApp Video Chat / Video Call feature

Last year whatsapp has launched many updates like Whatsapp Voice call feature, backing of Whatsapp chat on Google drive , Whatsapp for PC, Whatsapp for Nokia Mobile Phones etc… All these updates became more popular and friendly around the world. Also due to these Whatsapp update has doubled its users this year.

We already know that Whatsapp is working on many new features and testing internally. At present they have prepared the new feature of Whatsapp Video Call Screenshots. They were taken during the internal testing of the Video chat feature. in Whatsapp. These Whatsapp Video Chat Photos are taken in iOS devices.

The official version of WhatsApp in iOS store has the version number as 2:12:12. But Internally the developers and beta testers are testing the Whatsapp Video Chat version . As per BGR, In this internal version build it consist of Whatsapp Video chat Feature and tabs for chat function is implemented. If the beta testing is success, the all the new features of this build will be incorporated to the final version in Coming weeks.

Find the Whatsapp Video Chat & Video Call feature Screenshots below.

Whatsapp Video Call - Leaked Screenshot
Whatsapp Video Call – Leaked Screenshot on iOS

Whatsapp developers who were worked for VoIP technology , the same developers working for Video calling feature. In simple Words the Whatsapp upcoming update will have option to make call with a Whatsapp friend not only by voice , but also via Video chat. If you see the Whatsapp Video Call feature screenshot , you will get an better picture of this new video chat feature.

Whatsapp Video call feature :

It consist of two rounded buttons as like voice call (i.e) Green Round button to accept the Video call and Red round button to reject the Video call. Also you can find the full screen of yours is shown in the opposite as a small picture where you can see your check image. This can moved/hidden around the display as like we do on the Skype video call. You also got an option for mute the Video call/Video chat and also the Whatsapp user can switch between front and the rear camera.

Along with this update whatsapp messenger is also testing multiple chat as tabs next to each other, so you can change quickly between those chats. You no need always return back to chat list to switch between chats.

With you I am going to enjoy the Whatsapp video chatting with my Whatsapp friends. Don’t forget to comment  Share about the new feature of Whatsapp with your friends and also comment us about your opinion on Whatsapp Video Call feature update.

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